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Beth Ditto has defined Portland as a place where you can find kindred souls whether you are a feminist, a vegan, or (like herself) a fat activist; where artists, musicians, crafters, and filmmakers can all meet. This is where Beth and her friends have found a perfect place to simply be.
PortlandSo why not make it your next destination? Travelling is one of the best things in life, and why you do it is up to you; that’s why “travel” is something so hard to define – each of us has our own reasons for doing it, and our own methods, too (some like to travel in groups, other prefer the solitary journey). In this blog we’ll explore how Portland can be your perfect travel destination.

I bet we can all agree that travelling brings a welcome break to routine that give us some time for the explorer in us; it’s a moment solely dedicated to adventure and discovery that just isn’t possible in our day-to-day lives. That’s our chance to live out the adventures that will become funny stories over the next years. That’s why you should come to Portland – its uniqueness makes its one of the best travel destinations.

Portland is a vibrant city and we’re really concerned with leading a more eco-friendly lifestyle, having good food, and good drinks – we make incredible beers and wines.  I’ve created this blog because I wish to share with you all the amazing things this city has to offer: the great outdoors, the great food, beer, wine, and most of all, the great people. Overall, the city is pretty clean and Portland is in constant growth. This pretty much a very happening scene, and although it can difficult to keep up with it all I’m sure having a great time trying!

imagesFor about 10 years now I’ve called this beautiful Pacific Northwest city home, and I’m not leaving anytime soon. Portland is one of those hidden treasures; you’ll hear most of the tourists that end up here say, “how did we not know about this place sooner!?” It’s a place that keeps its mind opened towards pretty much everything; we won’t judge you for what color your hair is or how hipster your outfit is. We have also become a foodie capital in the US! Portland is a place that has the city atmosphere if you’re craving shopping, amazing restaurants and chic hotels, but it’s also easy to get out exploring the beautiful Oregon countryside with coast, mountain or forest all within an hour of downtown.

I fell in love with Portland long before it became the chic escape it is now, and I can see why tourists love to come. And as our tourism grows and the city becomes better known among travelers, I’ll provide you with hints and tips to help you set up the perfect itinerary so you can see the best of the city, keeping it real: travel is not cheap these days, and I’ll do my best to stretch your dollar here in town

I hope that you will love Portland too.