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Kooky Places to Visit in Portland

1.     Stark’s Vacuum Museum

Need a short break (and we mean short)? Try visiting Stark’s Vacuum Museum. 1970, it was established, this Portland destination holds vacuum cleaners that defined their eras. Not only that, you can also find historical customs including, the Depression-era cardboard vacuum and a hand-pumped model from the 1800s. Some of the vacuums are labeled with their historical information, in case you want more knowledge on the subject, and should you find yourself with an undeniable impulse to buy a new vacuum, the museum is located as part of a associated store.

2.     Mill Ends Park

Welcome to the nominal park of the world! If that’s not enough for you, before 1949 Mill Ends Park was bestowed the only settlement for leprechauns west of Ireland.

3.     The Freakybuttrue Peculiarium and Museum

Of course there’s a museum dedicated to the “freakybuttrue” – but with a twist: after you check out on classics like Bigfoot and zombie brains, you can relax and have an ice cream sundae topped with a dried scorpion. Isn’t this nice? An emporium for the weird, creepy, rare, and simply disgusting AND you get an ice cream. In my book, that’s a winner.

4.     The Shanghai Tunnels



This one is for the adventurous ones, whether you’d like to feel like an old-time smuggler or are attracted to haunted locations. Under the city streets there’s a series of tunnels linked to Portland’s criminal past, when men were kidnapped and made to work on boats supposedly on their way to Shanghai (Dr. Fu Manchu’s orders, perhaps?). True or not, this is quite an experience for those with a strong heart – or a leaning into mysteries.


5.     The Woodstock Mystery Hole

A remarkable confluence of natural and historic phenomenon, this hole is very, very deep.Now, nobody knows where it came from or what caused it, but it doesn’t stop the Universal Church O’ Fun from owning and operating it.

6.     The Chocolate Waterfall/ Candy Baskets

Yes, you’ve read that correctly: inside the Candy Basket there’s a21-foot chocolate cascade made from sculpted bronze and Italian marble that gushes an amazing more than 2600 lbs of chocolate. If that’s enough to tempt you into a visit, they also have taffy, caramels, creams, jellybeans and gummies, popcorn, and – in the non-edible department – stuffed toys, cards, and other things that are ideal as gifts for those on diets.

7.     Rimsky-Korsakoffee House

No coffee house is complete without comforting hot drinks, fabulous desserts, and a coffin centerpiece, right? Paired with live music from a pianist wearing a Happy Birthday t-shirt, this 2-story house has a lot of character. There’s plenty of room for sitting and enjoying yourself, and do come on weekends: there is usually an artist playing live music, which sets an awesome ambiance.

8.     Naked Bike Ride

Do some good while doing some bad – unless you have a killer body, in which case you’re doing us a favor. Join thousands of people who take part in the Naked Bike Ride every year for charity. Jerry Seinfeld would definitely put this in the “bad naked” category, but then, again, I wouldn’t like to see him there.

9.     Witch’s Castle in Forest Park

How about a nice and quick city getaway mixed with your adolescent dreams (at least those relating to cinema)? Simply trek out to the Forest Park to see The Witch’s Castle for a bit of fun

10.    Japanese Garden




I’ve never been to Japan, but I love the idea of the Japanese gardens. This one is absolutely gorgeous, with waterfalls, Japanese maples, streams, fountains, little bridges, and fences made of branches. A perfect place to meditate.



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